Knox School Board Sets 2016-17 Meal Prices

Knox-School-Board-2014Meals at in cafeterias in Knox Community Schools will cost students n additional 10-cents for the 2016-2017 year. breakfast will be $1.25; lunch at the elementary, $1.95; nd at the Middle and High Schools, $2.20. That action was approved last night by the Knox Community School Board.

So far 100 to 120 youth, under the age of 18, were reported eating the daily free summer community meals.

Jamie Estok was hired as a 6th grade Language Arts teacher; Holly Ellis, as a grade 7-8 Science teacher.

Joe Mareska was transferred from ground worker to maintenance at the middle school.

Alyssa Smrt was named Junior Varsity Cheer Coach. She had previously been the Middle School Cheer Coach.

Other extracurricular appointments included Paige Wagner as JV Girls’ Basketball Coach; and Hope Wagner as volunteer High School Girls’ Basketball Coach.

Kendra Hundt resigned as KHS Social Studies teacher.

School patron Jason Eberhart raised questions about the board’s policies and meeting procedures; Shelly Kemble gave an update on the on-going controversies surrounding the former PTO and its spending. Amanda Williams expressed concern of the appointment of a volleyball camp counselor.