NIPSCO Enters Construction Phase on Reynolds-Topeka Line

nipsco-logoConstruction on the Reynolds-Topeka Transmission Line is getting underway and NIPSCO says they continue to expect operations to begin in 2018.

The project is a multi-county, multi-million dollar project designed to increase the effectiveness of utilities providers in Northern Indiana. NIPSCO isn’t alone, however, in their efforts. Similar projects are going on across the country in an attempt to meet federal renewable energy standards.

Construction on the project was initially expected to begin in the summer of 2015, but NIPSCO Public Affairs Director Larry Graham says access to a 20 foot right-of-way over the 100 mile expansion has created some delays.

“The project is still on schedule,” says Graham. “We’re still looking at an in-service date of 2018. So our plan and construction is still right where we want it to be.”

NIPSCO says they are currently communicating with county government officials, landowners, and stakeholders to discuss what construction will look like and what the company expects during that period.

NIPSCO recently signed an agreement with Pulaski County for moving heavy construction equipment and materials along local roadways. NIPSCO says that is an important part of the construction process.

Graham says that as they enter the construction phase, proper permitting and addressing concerns about road usage is important.

“There are things that happen that we need to make sure local officials are aware of such as increased traffic and construction equipment being on the road,” says Graham. “Then just making sure they have a point of contact that if issues come up, that they have a point of contact that if issues come up, they have somebody they can contact to address those issues or answer any questions they might have.”

The line will travel between White and LaGrange counties once completed. That route was approved by the state in 2013 after several meetings with the public on the issue.

NIPSCO says they believe the Reynolds-Topeka Transmission line will create jobs and provide a cost savings to their customers.