Nonprofits Can Raise Funds by Assisting with State Fair


Nonprofit organizations can earn some extra money by helping out with the Indiana State Fair. Fair organizers say it takes around 600 people to staff parking lots and gates. To fill those jobs, they’re looking for volunteers from nonprofit groups.

In return, organizations will receive seven dollars an hour for each volunteer’s work. The State Fair plans to pay upwards of $85,000 in total to nonprofits for their help this year.

The 2016 Indiana State Fair runs between August 5 and 21. There will be two seven-hour shifts each day for volunteers to help out.

Participating organizations will be required to pay a $25 registration fee, which will be reimbursed later. The nonprofit groups will receive their payments once the State Fair is over.

The last day to register is July 15, and registration fees are due by July 31. For more information or to sign up, visit