StellarFest Offers Opportunity to Educate Public on Culver Improvement Efforts

culverThe Town of Culver will be taking part in a host of Saturday events in the town park.

Taste of Culver has invited vendors from around the area during the morning and afternoon hours, but the Culver Town Council will be using the gathering to promote an effort they hope will improve the community.

StellarFest has been scheduled alongside the Taste of Culver to promote the Indiana Stellar Communities program. It provides grant application and project planning assistance to the winning Culver has been named one of three finalists for rural communities.

Culver has already completed one phase of the application, but is hoping to educate members of the public about the effort and how they might be able to get involved in the effort. During StellarFest the Town will be talking about the projects it has identified as needing possible improvement.