Pulaski Commissioners Show Support for Federal PMH Financing


The Pulaski County Commissioners have provided a letter of support for a project upgrading Pulaski Memorial Hospital.

Officials have already sought special financing from the county to help pay for certain upgrades in the form of a storage facility and upgrades to the parking lot. This is only one part of the project, according to discussion during Monday night’s Commissioner’s meeting.

Hospital Director of Business Development Gregg Mallot says a separate project expanding the hospital has them seeking additional financing.

“We’ve looked at partnering with local banks, financing options, etc. within the county and have started to focus on a USDA loan,” says Mallot.

Part of the application process for USDA financing is a show of community support.

Pulaski Memorial Hospital was not able to disclose the nature of their plans at this time, but say it is expected to help them meet an increase in volume and services. Alliance Bank is partnering with the hospital on a portion of the loan to help secure adequate financing.

Commissioner Larry Brady says he welcomes the news.

“This is still another win-win for Pulaski County and the surrounding areas,” says Brady.

The Pulaski County Commissioners Monday night expressed their support for the project, approving the letter of support, unanimously.

If awarded, USDA loan terms would be financed at a rate of 3-percent, payable over 40 years.