Pulaski County Seeks Partnership In Exchange for Purdue Extension Offerings

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County is hoping to form a bit of a partnership with Purdue Extension that allows them better IT services.

The extension offices are linked with the county, but are considered a separate organization. Pulaski County provides assistance in the case of an IT problem, but says the addition of classes offered through IVY tech may require further assistance.

Pulaski County IT Director RB Walters says the county helps them, they help the community.

“How they’re going to help the community out is actually providing those classes to our community and maybe keep the people in our community by educating them,” says Walters.

Purdue Extension came before the county several weeks ago asking permission to offer classes through IVY Tech at the courthouse site. Providing access to higher education in Pulaski County is considered a major advancement for job training and educational opportunities.

Walters says he hopes the offices would be willing to split the cost evenly. In exchange for the offering, Pulaski County would supply computers and network protections for Purdue Extension. Software upgrades would also be part of the agreement.

“My going option one is Thin Clients,” says Walters. “Thin Clients is where all of the software would be on our servers [at the courthouse]. The benefit of Thin Clients is there’s no hardware to ware out of it”

The Pulaski County Commissioners agreed to move forward with the partnership.

An agreement is anticipated to be submitted for approval at some point in the future.