Rise in Syphilis Cases Prompts Stronger Testing Recommendations


The Indiana State Department of Health is reacting to an increase in the number of reported syphilis cases in the Hoosier state.

In 2014, Indiana reported 168 cases of primary and secondary cases and another 129 cases of early latent syphilis. That compares with 2015’s figures of 285 cases of primary and secondary syphilis and 220 cases of latent syphilis.

The infection is considered a sexually transmitted disease and can cause complications if left untreated. ISDH officials are encouraging medical health providers to educate their patients about the risks of syphilis and to increase their testing for the disease.

Indiana is not alone in the 70-percent increase in syphilis cases. This follows a trend being reported across the country.

Syphilis often brings with it sores at the site of infection, hair loss, rashes, and muscle aches.