Local Vendor Chosen for Courthouse Air Conditioning Repair

starke-county-courthouseA local vendor will make the necessary repairs to the third floor air conditioning unit at the Starke County Courthouse. County officials contacted eight vendors, and four looked at the job. Of those four, three submitted quotes. North Judson-based Jackson Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning had the lowest price at $11,737.36. It was significantly less than the $33,839 price offered by Herman & Goetz, Inc. from South Bend. The third bid from DA Dodd of Mishawaka was $43,850.

The part needs to be ordered and will be here in about three weeks. The repair cost will come from the special County Economic Development Income Tax dedicated to the jail and related expenses. The commissioners noted the air conditioning repair was included in the scope of work for the courthouse renovation project scheduled later this year.