Starke County Commissioners Contemplate Ambulance Purchases


The Starke County Commissioners have deferred a decision on the purchase of two used ambulances. EMS Director Keith Emigh told the commissioners Monday the diesel trucks are both 2005 models with 125,000 and 118,000 miles respectively. The $20,000 per truck price includes lights, which typically cost extra when purchasing any sort of new emergency vehicle.

They would replace two older, higher mileage ambulances in Starke County’s fleet. The vendor offered the county $2,000 each for the 1998 and 2003 trucks as a trade in allowance.

A new ambulance carries a price tag of between $130 and $165,000.

The commissioners were hesitant to approve the purchase of the used trucks, which are being sold as-is, due to their high mileage. Emigh noted the engines are diesels and not gas, and are more conducive to higher mileage.

Emigh notes the county has never been able to rotate ambulances and retire older trucks. They just spent $17,000 to replace the engine in the 2009 Ford based at Grovertown.