Starke County Looks to Expand WorkOne Partnership

 The Starke County Commissioners hope to expand their success with a WorkOne job training program to other departments within county government. Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler was the first to take advantage of the agency’s offer of free help to teach young people so-called “soft skills” like showing up to work on time, following directions and adhering to a schedule. WorkOne pays the employees to hone their job skills, and there is no cost to the county.

Last week Starke County Maintenance Director Jim Coad received approval from the commissioners to hire one or two assistants through the program to help with custodial work throughout the county.

The commissioners also suggested Starke County Emergency Management Agency Director Jacob Lippner speak to WorkOne about a program participant to help with clerical work in his office. Lippner says having the extra help would free him up to focus on other areas. He says the prospective helper will also have the opportunity to complete free FEMA training in order to learn valuable job skills.