Text-to-911 Service Extended Throughout Indiana

text-911It’s now possible to send a text message to 911 from all 92 Indiana counties. The Indiana Statewide 911 Board has announced that as of last Thursday, text-to-911 service is available throughout the state.

The board says the service may be used in dangerous situations where it’s too risky to make noise. It also gives those with difficulty hearing or speaking easier access to emergency services.

To send an emergency message to 911, type the numbers “911” in the “To” field. Include your exact location and a short description of the emergency in the message. The 911 Board recommends using simple words but no abbreviations or shorthand. Once you send the text, be prepared to answer followup questions from the dispatcher.

A text or data plan is required to use the service, and messages will only go through if a signal is available. The board also reminds users that text-to-911 is for emergency use only and must be used responsibly.