Winamac Council May Have to Revisit County Home Rezoning

Pleasant View Rest Home
Pleasant View Rest Home

The rezoning of the Pleasant View Rest Home may take a little bit more time to finalize. On Monday, the Winamac Town Council appeared to accept the Plan Commission’s recommendation to change the property’s zoning designation from heavy industrial to multi-family residential.

Pulaski County officials have been pushing for the change for months, saying it will make it easier for the county to sell the building. Citing the potential benefit to the county and their desire to see the property returned to the tax roll, council members Judy Heater and Tom Murray voted to approve the rezoning, while Dan Vanaman opposed.

However, that decision may have to be revisited next month, due to concern that the correct procedure wasn’t followed. Town Attorney Justin Schramm says the rezoning approval should be given in the form of an ordinance, and with only three of the five council members present this week, there weren’t enough to pass an ordinance immediately.

To correct the situation, the council may consider rescinding Monday’s motion during next month’s meeting, while the zoning change will be formally introduced in the form of an ordinance. This further lengthens a process that has already taken several months, due to the Plan Commission’s initial reluctance to change the zoning designation before a prospective buyer was found.

A similar process is expected to take place for the rezoning of the former Tippecanoe Beverage Building. Council members voted Monday to change the property’s zoning designation to light industrial, to clear the way for a sale to Standard Industrial. That also may have to be redone next month, in the form of an ordinance.

Additionally, Schramm plans to review the action previously taken by the Plan Commission on the properties, to ensure that proper procedure was followed there.