Ancilla College Sees Success with New Ag Program

Ancilla College NEWAncilla College’s new agriculture program continues to grow. Ancilla President Ken Zirkle says there are already more then 20 students signed up to take part in the two-year degree program when the fall semester starts next month.

He says the program allows students to learn much-needed skills in the industry. “It’s an incredible opportunity,” he says. “You can come here for two years and then you have an option. You’re going to be prepared to go out and get a job in the field, someplace in the ag field, or you can go on and get your bachelor’s degree at one of the more prominent or several of the more prominent four-year programs. We already have a good relationship with the one in this state.”

Zirkle says Ancilla’s new agriculture program is being directed by longtime John Glenn teacher Tim McLochlin. “We have the right people,” Zirkle says. “We have the right location. Of course the farm that the Poor Handmaids have there, that we’re a part of that, that’s 1,200 acres. I’m not sure how many cattle they have, but I know they had over 100 calves in the spring, so they have a lot of cattle. It’s just a perfect location for it and the timing is right and the students of the region – ag programs in all the high schools are growing. So this is the right time.”

Zirkle adds the new program covers a variety of topics within the agriculture industry, and he expects those offerings to expand as the program develops.

For more information, visit or the Ancilla College Agriculture Program Facebook page.