Bicycle Ride Hoping to Raise Funds for Panhandle Pathway


Early registration for the Tippecanoe and Bicycles Too ride are being accepted until late next week.

The event, hosted by Friends of the Panhandle Pathway, acts as a fundraiser for the group by offering bike routes of differing lengths to those looking to compete. The race has been recognized as an official Indiana Bicentennial Legacy Project.

Routes include a 12 mile, 28 mile, 44 mile, and 62 mile course. The non-profit says the entire length of the Panhandle Pathway trail from Winamac to Kenneth is 44 miles roundtrip.

The group has the goal of maintaining and preserving the panhandle pathway through fundraising and educational ventures.

The race won’t take place until Saturday, August 6th . Early registration, however, will offer a $5 discounted price for those signing-up before July 22nd. Those 7 and under and those 80 and over do not owe an entry fee.

Mass time for the bike ride will be 7:00 a.m. with the ride concluding at Noon.

According to the registration forms, bikers are expected to use proper etiquette and obey traffic laws while traveling the course.