Culver Aims to Update Personnel Policy Manual

culver town hall

The Town of Culver is planning to start work to update its personnel policy manual.

During Tuesday night’s meeting, Culver Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim made the request, mentioning that the personnel policy is out of date. The manuals are often used to set guidelines for employees while working for the Town government.

Internally, Culver does not have the resources to properly update its policies in according with state and federal laws while also using best practices.

To remedy the situation, Culver is looking to use the resources of a professional HR firm or other consultant to help develop the policy guidelines. During Tuesday night’s meeting, the Clerk-Treasurer said she had the names of several companies ready to go, but needed permission to gather quotes.

The Town Council voted unanimously to begin the process. Updates will likely be recommended for approval in future meetings.