Culver Moves Ahead with Minor Annexation Effort

culver town hall

The Town of Culver has moved ahead with annexing land for a future development.

During Tuesday night’s meeting, Council members considered a couple of items related to the annexation. The 13 acres resides in Union Township in the 500 block of West Jefferson Street. To properly bring utilities to the area, the owner petitioned the Town to annex the land.

Town Council Member Sally Ricciardi read from some pretty extensive ordinance documents.

“The petition for voluntary annexation of 13.66 acres located in Union Township has been filed by 100-percent of the owners of the land in the territory sought to be annexed,” says Ricciardi.

The cost of bringing the utilities to the area is estimated at about $200-thosuand. Officials with the Town thought the cost negligible.

In order to properly annex the land, Culver was required to develop a fiscal plan specifying how they will pay for the service. For the most part, the Town government will only bring the service to the property line. After that, it will be the job of the developer to complete the work.

Culver Town Attorney Jim Clevenger says there aren’t any new costs associated with providing fire and police services either.

“You’re required by law to have a fiscal plan in place so that, in effect, the new annexed area can have all the services of any other place in town within three years and this plan provides for that,” says Clevenger.

The Culver Town Council adopted both the fiscal plan resolution and approved the ordinance to annex the land into the Town boundaries.

The Culver Redevelopment Commission is expected to fund at least a portion of the utility work. A completion date was not discussed.