Culver School Board Prepares for New School Year

ccsc_culver_community_schoolsThe Culver Community School Board is preparing for the start of school in a few weeks.

They voted Monday night to raise adult cafeteria meal prices in order to meet state guidelines, which require them to be more than $1.54 each. The increase of five-cents will take them from $1.50 to $1.55.

Several building updates are also in progress. The new concrete in the parking lots is mostly finished. Some lines still need to be painted on, but otherwise the administration is happy with the new, less bumpy, surface. Thanks to a security grant given to the school system, new security doors have been placed in the middle / high school. They are also most of the way done, and are slated to be finished by the beginning of the school year.

The high school gym is also getting an update. A new logo will be featured with new wood stain colors added in for some extra color. Along with this will be an updated weight room. It will be about twice as large due to a wall being taken out between it and an unused computer lab. In the elementary gym, they will be repairing a part of the gym floor and adding a new finish on the top.

One update to the school that will continue into the year is the update of fire alarms. There will be a new system put in place about the second week of August. Until then, the old system will be kept in place for the beginning of the new school year.

In other business Monday, the cafeteria staff presented an update to the summer meals program and how it was received. In total, they have served 1,144 breakfasts and 2,274 lunches to adults and kids in Culver and the surrounding communities. The majority of the locations are finished serving meals, but the location at the Culver Elementary School will remain open until the end of the summer sports training season.