Investigation Ongoing into Tippecanoe River Spill


Pulaski County emergency management officials responded to a diesel spill that has caused closures along the Tippecanoe River.

The spill, according to EMA Director Sheri Gaillard, was inadvertent in nature. The diesel fuel has been leaving a pink residue in the water along the river south of the Tippecanoe River State Park. Areas near Monterey have been affect, in specific.

Gaillard says there will be obstructions blocking canoe traffic for the time being. The Pulaski County EMA suggests keeping recreational water activity in the area above the state park.

The spill, according to multiple sources, has been stopped with the diesel being contained according to state officials. Clean-up is now underway, but it is uncertain how long that may take.

According to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the four mile stretch has been closed off to visitors and festival attendees. They are asking the public to avoid the area south of the park until further notice.

The Hashell Public Access area is also closed and the Tippecanoe Fun Run has been re-routed to avoid the area. IDEM and the DNR is considering the spill an active investigation.