Humane Society Encourages Pet Safety During Independence Day Festivities

Starke County Humane SocietyJuly 4th is often a fun way to celebrate a nation declaring its independence, but the Starke County Humane Society says it’s also important to remember our four-legged friends.

Cats and dogs are sometimes frightened of the loud noises associated with fireworks and experts say that can lead to an increase in lost or missing pets. Starke County Humane Society Director Shanna Lloyd says there are a few things animal-lovers can do to help keep their pets calm.

“Some dogs, in fact, will even try to chase after fireworks as they’re being lit,” says Lloyd. “We always suggest to put them in the house, put them in a quiet dark room, turn on a TV or a radio that will help drown out the noise of all the activity going on outside.”

Loud noises can also prompt pets to escape their dwellings and seek safety outdoors, often running farther than they would, otherwise.

The Starke County Humane Society says that if pets cannot be kept in a quiet, dark space for the entire weekend leading up until Monday, to ensure they have their collars with an ID and contact information on them.

Lloyd says that if local residents spot an animal that appears to be missing, there are a few steps that can be taken.

“If there is a tag, even if it’s a veterinarian rabies tag, call the veterinarian with that tag number, they’re going to be able to who owns the animal,” says Lloyd. “Sometimes people write their phone number on the collar itself. And report it to us right away.”

The Starke County Humane Society maintains a lost-and-found log that aids them in placing animals that have gone missing with their proper owner before putting the pet up for adoptions.