Knox Curbside Recycling Carts Set to Roll Out


Knox residents will start receiving their new curbside recycling carts tomorrow. City officials say they should place their open recycling totes at the curb, even if they are empty. Waste Management will pick them up and drop off the new, 64-gallon wheeled container.

Delivery may continue through Thursday, so leave them out if they are not picked up.

Waste Management is providing the carts to the city for no charge. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston says they need to stay at the residence where they are delivered, so please leave it behind if you move out.

The city opted to go with the wheeled carts instead of the open totes to keep items set out for curbside recycling from blowing out and littering streets and sidewalks. Waste Management will empty the carts every other week. They still need to be placed at the curb for service.

Call the mayor’s office at 574-772-4553 or the clerk-treasurer’s office at 574-772-3032 with any questions.