Knox to Revisit Tattoo Parlor Restrictions

Tattoo artistThe Knox City Council plans to revisit its ordinance regulating the operation of tattoo parlors within the city limits. Councilman Tim Mann raised the issue Tuesday night. He recently spoke to a man who wants to put a tattoo shop in town but is unable to do so because of the strict regulations governing such a business.

The current Knox ordinance requires tattoo parlor operators to receive a permit from the city. It further states, “The location shall be at least 500 feet from any property used for school purposes, licensed day care center, church, public park, or a place licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages.”

The would-be business owner has also spoken to Mayor Dennis Estok. He says loosening the restrictions could benefit the downtown area.

“Probably if ours wasn’t so restrictive we would have had one or two of them storefronts rented out for tattoo parlors. He was the second one that came into my office and was looking at a store downtown and it just didn’t fit the ordinance because it’s pretty restrictive.”

Estok promised to put the matter on the agenda for the Aug. 9th Knox City Council meeting. Meanwhile city officials are going to research policies in effect in other communities.