Knox Schedules Golf Cart Registration Saturday


Knox residents who want to operate their golf carts on public streets will have an opportunity to get them inspected before the city’s new regulations take effect on July 23rd. The Knox City Police Department will offer free inspections on Saturday, July 16 from 1 until 4 p.m. at their facility on Shield Street.

All golf carts driven within the city must have either a daytime only or a day/night sticker. Liability insurance is required, and the carts must be operated by a licensed driver unless the city council grants a special exception. Seating is limited to the cart’s maximum capacity, and slow-moving vehicle signs must be affixed. Also golf carts driven at night must have proper headlights and taillights.

Knox Mayor Dennis Estok says the city will offer a 30 day enforcement grace period before citing violators. He told the city council last night no one has made an effort to register their golf carts yet. Starke County has a golf cart registration ordinance on the books, and the city will recognize the county’s annual sticker.

State law prohibits the operation of golf carts on highways, and they cannot be driven on sidewalks or walking trails. Golf cart owners will get copies of the city’s ordinance when they register their carts.

The city council last night did grant a special exception to the license requirement to James Butler, who submitted his request in writing. Members will consider other such requests on a case-by-case basis.