N.J.-S.P. Board Approves Technology Director Hire

 The North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation will start the school year with a lone technology coordinator for all of the buildings. The school board last week approved the hiring of Billy Russell for that job. Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin says he was hired last October as a technology assistant and paid $12 an hour. During that time he worked under the mentorship of Sheila Akers, who retired as technology director March 1st.

The board approved Zupin’s recommendation to pay a salary of $33,860. It’s about a $9,000 a year pay raise for Russell. Zupin says it’s significantly less than what Akers was making. Her salary was already factored into the budget. Zupin also noted it’s paid from capital projects and does not come out of the general fund.

She adds that salary is low given the responsibilities of the position. It will be reevaluated based on his completion of professional development. Russell holds a bachelors degree in technology. Zupin says his contract is for a year, which will give the corporation time to evaluate their technology needs.