N.J.-S.P. Discusses Transfers, Announces Strategic Planning Process

BluejayThe North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation lost a net of nine students to other corporations* during the 2015-16 school year, according to Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin.

“We had 18 coming in from other districts, and just another breakdown there 12 at the high school, two, four. And we had 27 going out. So we are minus nine,” she told the school board last night. “We don’t want to be minus. It’s not minus 30, it’s not minus 60, but it’s still minus, and so we need to figure out why are they doing that, what can we do for this to be even or plus.”

Zupin adds those numbers don’t include so-called “regular mobility kids” who move in and out of the district. They are students who either live in the district and choose to go elsewhere or who commute from another district each day.

She’s in the process of putting together a strategic planning group to help market North Judson-San Pierre, increase community morale and improve communications between the school corporation and the community.

Zupin wants the group to come up with additional objectives. For starters she wants them to explore marketing strategies, fundraisers for school programs, establish and maintain focus on long-term planning for future growth and commit to a positive approach to success.

“I need parents, community members, staff members, board members, business leaders in town. I need diversity, not just one type, so I’m looking for diversity there. I would like representation from all of the townships. I think that would just help in making sure we get a pulse from all the areas, and so there’s a place on the application that will say ‘what township do you live in?’ And then I’m really looking forward for representatives who want to take a positive approach. If you really want to be positive about change, then this is the way to do that.”

Zupin is accepting applications for the strategic planning committee through the end of August, with a tentative first meeting in mid-September. Visit http://www.njsp.k12.in.us/blue-jay-strategic-planning.html for an application and more information, or stop at the central office during business hours.

* 2015-16 North Judson-San Pierre Transfers
North Judson-San Pierre High School
12 Incoming                       7 Outgoing
7 from Knox                       5 to Knox
2 from West Central         2 to LaCrosse
1 from Kankakee Valley
1 from LaPorte
1 from LaCrosse

North Judson-San Pierre Middle School
2 Incoming (Knox)          8 Outgoing
5 to Knox
2 to LaCrosse
1 to West Central

North Judson-San Pierre Elementary
4 Incoming (Knox)          12 Outgoing
6 to St. Peter Lutheran School
4 to Knox
2 to Wantatah