Pulaski County Begins Advertising for State Dispatch Upgrades

Pulaski County Justice Center
Pulaski County Justice Center

Pulaski County is taking steps to begin finalizing a contract for upgrades at the 911 dispatch center.

For several months, Pulaski County Sheriff Jeff Richwine has been discussing the process for meeting new state radio and communications requirements. Part of that is the installation of new dispatch consoles and service requirements.

A couple of companies have been considered for the job. But after receiving their proposal, Richwine believes Motorola will provide the best service.

“Looking at both of our options, this is the way to go,” says Richwine. “We can afford it. I think it gives us, at least, some longevity. I think it was 20 years was their guarantee.”

Communications upgrades are expected to cost about $322-thousand initially. Over the next 20 years, Pulaski County anticipates spending more than $700-thousand on the project. That will include electrical grounding, product installation, software upgrades, and troubleshooting in the instance something goes awry.

There were less expensive options available, but Richwine says a survey of neighboring county Sheriff’s led him to believe Motorola was the better choice. If it finalizes a contract, Pulaski County would not owe the entire $322-thousand up front. Instead, costs would be paid down as work progresses.

Richwine says to lessen the burden, Pulaski County may need to introduce the state-required higher quality dispatch radios over time.

“At least for the Sheriff’s Department, two new radios every year,” says Richwine. “Or two new portables to keep this rotation going to where we’re not asking for all of these in one big chunk. I think that will be an easy fix. We’ve got some other funds that kind of make their own money that aren’t taxpayer money to where I think we could easily fund that kind of stuff out of.”

Pulaski County will then owe Motorola about $17-thousand per year for each of the subsequent 20 years in maintenance costs.

The Pulaski County Council agreed to advertise to pay for the 25-percent upfront cost of the Motorola contract. That will be allocated out of the county’s 911 Fund. The Council approved the request unanimously.