Pulaski County Weighs Digital Document Storage Options

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County hopes to streamline the process for digitizing some of its documents.

During Monday night’s County Council meeting, IT Director RB Walters discussed a possible upgrade for software to streamline the work. The state of Indiana does not necessarily require documents to be digitized, but record keeping and physical storage space are pushing county practices in that direction.

Walters says the county has already purchased the basic version.

“When we scan it into the system, you actually have to type in some document or documentation inside of that. So whether we put in the name, the case, the file name, that’s all actually going to take time to do this.”

The program is called LaserFiche. The upgraded version Pulaski County considered this week is designed to prevent file naming and storing mistakes.

Prior to the upgrade recommendation, Pulaski County had this capability, but the amount of time to do it without the upgraded software would have taken significantly longer to complete.

Walters says it does this by creating a standard form within the program that will use intelligence to recognize certain documents

“You can put 1,000 documents in, they can be all different forms, that you’re actually putting in there. As long as that form is created in there, it will know what it is, give it a number, put it in the right place it needs to go, they’re all marked the same way, and then they’re all retrievable from that.”

Plans call for using interns or outside employees to help put the documents in digital format on Pulaski County’s storage system.

The Pulaski County Council approved moving ahead with the recommendation.