Pulaski County Looks to Enhance IT Recommendations for Technology Billing

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County continues its overview of certain technology operations at its facilities.

During Tuesday night’s County Commissioner’s meeting, a hurdle in that process was addressed. Pulaski County’s internet service operates under an umbrella overseen by the IT department, but decisions about bills from the service provider were disallowed from being scrutinized for future recommendation by the IT department under agreement.

Commissioner Larry Brady says in order to better scrutinize how Pulaski County’s technology works, the Commissioners have been communicating with their internet service provider, Lightstream.

 “Again, we’re needing to amend a letter that will allow Lightstream to allow RB (Walters), our Information Technology Director, to have the ability to look at.”

The Commissioners attempted to do just that at their previous meeting, but Lightstream officials wanted the terms better defined.

The IT department hopes to use the information to begin reviewing the bills to locate better options if they exist.

Brady says if there’s a better way to operate internet and technology services, this will allow Pulaski County to do that.

“This gives him the ability to look at what’s going on,” says Brady. “What billing is being done? Let him analyze it and say ‘hey, this is a better way’ of doing it.”

As part of the process, the Pulaski County Commissioners gave IT Director RB Walters the authority to look at each of the bills coming to the Auditor’s office, Prosecutor, Highway, Sheriff’s Department, etc. to make recommendations for improvements to the commissioners.

The decision is part of an ongoing process to improve data security and technology improvements at the courthouse and other buildings.