Pulaski County Sets Agreement with NIPSCO as Reynolds-Topeka Construction Begins


The Pulaski County government has completed a contract with NIPSCO in preparation for construction work on the Reynolds-Topeka Transmission line.

During Tuesday’s Commissioner’s meeting, the contract was reviewed once again. Pursuing the agreement with the company was approved several weeks ago, pending a recommendation for approval by Pulaski County Attorney Kevin Tankersley.

Similar to a contract signed between NIPSCO and White County, Pulaski County wants to ensure care is taken while moving heavy equipment and machinery over local roadways.

Compensation is also outlined in the instance heavy damage is caused by the construction work.

The Reynolds-Topeka Transmission Line is being constructed across multiple Indiana counties to improve reliability, but to also meet federal renewable energy standards.

The County Commissioners approved the contract as construction work begins during the summer.