Pulaski County Updates on Community Crossings Application

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County continues to ready its application as part of the Indiana Community Crossings Grant Program.

During Tuesday night’s meeting, the County Commissioners shared their completed financial commitment letter with the public. The document was approved at their previous meeting to include as part of the application.

Highway Superintendent Terry Ruff says utilizing the program is less expensive and will last longer.

“The bottom line is, if we can go the 50/50 route, why not? I guess,” says Ruff.

Community Crossings has allocated millions of dollars in state funds designated for road and infrastructure improvement projects around the state.

To qualify, county and municipal governments are readying project lists and locating funding to help pay a local match for the state grant funds. For a bridge replacement project on 1400 West that has been discussed as part of the application, Pulaski County would provide upwards of $27-thousand in local matching funds.

Commissioner Larry Brady says their road projects are still being considered.

“Anywhere we have a single-lane culvert bridge we need to look at … adding that in there,” says Brady.

 The application for the Community Crossings grant was extended until the end of this month.

A letter of support for further road funding projects is expected to be adopted by the Commissioners at their next meeting to complete the application.