Renewed Indiana Accident Law Takes Effect


Starting Friday, Indiana is implementing a new law related to traffic accidents in the state.

The law is designed to prevent secondary crashes along Indiana roadways. According to the text of the law, if an accident occurs, the motorists involved are now required to move the vehicle to a safe area off the side of the roadway unless hazardous materials are being transported, or there are serious injuries or fatalities involved.

An information campaign has been started to let the public know about the new rules.

Indiana had a similar law on the books years ago that was inadvertently removed from state statute. The new law taking effect today will include the added provision that the law is in effect on all government maintained roadways.

According to a report from the Indiana State Police, 22-percent of all crashes are a result of secondary incidents following an initial crash. Further data suggests 18-percent of secondary crashes result in fatal injuries.

Starting Friday, if a motorist in involved in a crash and fails to move their vehicles to a safe area off the road, they could be subject to a Class C Infraction. For Now, ISP says they are hoping to educate motorists on the law before heavy enforcement.