Protect Your Eyes from Fireworks Injuries

Fireworks DIYAn area ophthalmologist says it’s not a coincidence that July is Eye Injury Awareness Month. Dr. Scott Buck with the Northwest Indiana Eye and Laser Center says emergency rooms are full of patients with fireworks-related injuries to the eyes.

He says they can be prevented by wearing safety glasses when setting off fireworks. He also recommends only attending fireworks demonstrations being set off by a professional for optimum safety.

Buck says accidents can happen in an instant, especially where children are concerned. He says they should be kept safely away from the more ballistic, small, exploding firecrackers in order to avoid shrapnel in the eyes.

Buck adds sparklers often do the most harm because they stay hot. He sees a lot of young patients who accidentally poke themselves in the eye with a hot sparkler tip.

Always read and follow manufacturer’s directions and never allow children to use fireworks without adult supervision.