Unemployment Largely Unchanged for June in Local Area


Unemployment figures for June have been released and Starke County sits at 5.3-percent.

That figure, courtesy of the Starke County Economic Development Foundation, suggests Starke County has seen a .1 percentage point increase compared to June of 2015. It puts Starke County as the 17th highest jobless rate in Indiana.

Pulaski County sits at 4.4-percent for the month of June. That also constitutes a .1-percentage increase over the same period one year ago. Marshall County sits at 3.9-percent unemployment and LaPorte County checked in at 5.9-percent. Every county in the immediate area saw a negligible increase year-over-year.

Indiana’s unemployment rate was reported at 4.8-percent unemployment; a .2-percent drop. Indiana still compares well with it’s neighbors. Ohio saw 5-percent unemployment, Kentucky 5, Michigan 4.6, and Illinois at 6.2-percent unemployment.

Dubois County Indiana led the state with an unemployment rate of 3.3-percent.