Utility Company Issues Warning to Pokemon Go Players

SubstationIf you’re playing Pokemon Go, here’s a tip – you won’t find a rare character at an electrical substation, and staying away from them while wandering in search of an elusive Pikachu could save your life. The augmented gaming app allows players to use their phones to hunt characters hiding in the real world. Kankakee Valley REMC officials say online threads are reporting the “electric” Pokemon can be found near electrical sites.

They encourage parents of gamers to talk to their children about how to be safe around electricity. Their tips include staying away from power lines, transformers, substations and electrical work sites. Also never jump on, sit on, kick or stick anything inside a transformer. Do not climb power poles or throw anything into power lines, and stay away from lines that have fallen. They may still be energized. Also take time to check for lines before climbing trees, as they could pose a danger.