West Central Adopts Goals for Trojan Opportunity Program

West Central School CorporationThe West Central School Corporation continues work to create an alternative learning environment for some of its students.

During Thursday night’s school board meeting, a narrative was approved for a “Trojan Opportunity Academy.” The narrative is required by the Indiana Department of Education to receive proper funding from the state.

West Central Superintendent Don Street says the narrative explains how the program will be run once it’s operating.

“It outlines how the program will work in tangent with our school improvement plan and strategic plan,” says Street. “It explains the purpose of the program  – which will provide the freedom for some of our students who struggle in a traditional classroom setting.”    

The school board gave approval to move ahead with the alternative program last month.

According to Street, the program gives students who have fallen behind in their required coursework an opportunity to make-up the work with more specialized attention and new platforms for learning, such as online.

Staff members at West Central developed the program narrative and presented it to the state for further consideration. Street says school board approval was the next step in the process.

“Our graduation rate is in the mid 90’s, but maybe this program could help a few more kids and give them the encouragement they need to graduate,” says Street.

Street says the Trojan Opportunity program could also improve the attendance rate of some of its students.

The West Central School Board approved the program narrative during their meeting Thursday night.