Winamac Council Continues Pool Funding Arrangements

Rendering of rebuilt Winamac pool.
Rendering of rebuilt Winamac pool.

The Winamac Town Council has decided to officially hold off on transferring funds for the town’s swimming pool rebuilding project until next year. The town had previously pledged $150,000 toward the $643,000 project, and then decided to take that money out of its Economic Development Income Tax Fund.

To lessen the impact on its budget, the town council then chose to transfer half of that amount into its General Fund this year and half of it next year. However, after speaking with officials from the Department of Local Government Finance and the State Board of Accounts, Winamac Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger determined it would be easier and cleaner to simply start over and donate the entire amount next year.

As part of that process, the town council this week passed resolutions not to transfer or spend that money at this time. The town’s share of the funding will then be finalized closer to when that money will actually be spent.

In addition to the $150,000 pledged by the town, the volunteer Pool Committee has raised about $129,000. Winamac is also planning to have town employees complete some of the preliminary work for the project. That’s estimated to lower the cost by about another $150,000. The final piece of funding is expected to come through grants available to the Winamac Park Board, once the five-year comprehensive plan for the town’s park and recreation facilities is completed.

However, the park board has been questioning how much it will cost the town to operate the pool once it’s built.