Chili Cookoff Looks to Raise Funds for Local Law Enforcement

police badge

Wintersong Village in Knox will be hosting a bit of a fundraiser they hope will support Starke County’s law enforcement officers.

A “Back the Blue” chili cookoff will be held Thursday, September 15th at 4:30 p.m. and will pit the best of Starke County against each other. Starke County Sheriff Bill Dulin and Knox Police Chief Harold Smith will be among the judges.

Jodi Wagner with Wintersong Village says “Back the Blue is a way to bring all parties together.

“It’s just a way to support our local law enforcement for all that they do and sacrifice to help all of us in the community,” says Wanger. “It’s our way of getting the community involved so they can show their support as well.”

The event will be held at the Community Center in Knox.

This year, providing assistance for the Knox K-9 unit will be the priority of the funds raised. The police department recently purchased a vehicle to better house the dog while on patrol.

The K-9 officer, however, is in need of food and veterinary care. Tickets are being offered at Wintersong Village for those interested in attending the chili cookoff. The proceeds will be used to help fund the K-9 units’ maintenance.

Wagner says there are plenty of reasons for their support.

“Someway, somehow, everyone is Starke County is affected,” says Wanger. “We look to law enforcement for support, for protection and you never know when you’re going to need that.”

The size of the chili pot can be quite large to feed everybody, according to event organizers.

Chili cookoffs held by Wintersong Village are expected to be an ongoing source of volunteer funding for local law enforcement.