Courthouse and Jail Renovations to Restrict Downtown Knox Parking

The old jail in downtown Knox will soon be renovated into office space for Starke County Community Corrections, Purdue Extension and the Starke County Probation Department.

The Starke County Commissioners took action this week to prepare for the renovation of the old jail and courthouse. Work will be starting soon, and the contractors will need a place to park their construction trailers and equipment. Commissioner Kathy Norem says the county-owned lot across from the courthouse next to the Moose is the best option, but the entire thing will need to be used. Right now there are semis parked there. The commissioners agreed to notify the drivers they will not be able to park there while the work is going on. Signs will be posted, and notices will be placed on their windshields.

The commissioners also authorized county maintenance director Jim Coad to contact scrap dealers regarding the purchase of items removed from the old jail during the renovation project since the county does not have room to store them.