Culver Examines Possible Ambulance Purchase

culver town hall

The Town of Culver is looking to purchase a new ambulance to combat a slightly aging fleet.

A committee is working to identify the best ambulance for Culver in the future. Specification options have been gathered by the group, but the changes from the current ambulance to the new purchase are pretty limited according to Tuesday night’s discussion.

EMS Director Kathy Hart says there are few alterations Culver is requesting to the vehicle.

“One of the perks that I would like to add into it – which is between $2-thousand and $3-thousand is an ambulance oxygen tank loader so that we don’t have to load the big tanks,” says Hart.

The new rig will be about the same size as the current model. Union Township – which operates EMS services alongside the Town has not yet weighed-in on the purchase.

Committee members observed a similar ambulance in Elkhart, but did not cause any surprises. To help pay for the switch, the Town of Culver either wants to trade in the current ambulance or sell it outright. Previous attempts to upgrade the fleet have returned a better price for simply selling the rig.

Town Council member Sally Ricciardi says the Town usually tries to replace an ambulance on a rotating basis.

“We have scheduled them in the past, they’re scheduled where we get one new ambulance every five years, and it’s been about 12 on this ambulance,” says Ricciardi.

A new ambulance typically costs between $130-thousand and $150-thousand.

Recommending a purchase is anticipated at a future meeting.