Eastern Pulaski School Board Restructures Athletic Salaries


The Eastern Pulaski School Board last night took steps to clean up the extracurricular payroll in anticipation of the new school year.

A committee was previously formed to revisit salaries and titles of coaches and clear some old and irrelevant positions. They replaced them with new and relevant ones. In some sports, no head coach and assistant roles were clear, so the pay for head coach was split in two for the two team leaders. Superintendent Dan Foster says actual changes and updates carry a total cost of about $8,000.

There was some discussion about buying back support staff’s unused vacation days. The school board also opted to enact a buy back program to reimburse the staff members for some vacation days they choose not to use.

The school board is also working on a new set of rules and regulations about what to do if a student is suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the school day. The corporation has an unofficial resource officer in Chris Schramm from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, but they would like to enact some solid policies. There is a possibility that some of the initial drug tests would be paid for by the school. The matter will be considered further at a future meeting.