Hamlet Switches Insurance Providers, Discusses 2017 Budget

Hamlet Fall 5The Town of Hamlet is hoping to save some money by switching health insurance providers. The town council voted Wednesday to switch from Anthem to United Healthcare.

Council President Dave Kesvormas says the town will save over $200 next year, compared to what Anthem was prepared to charge. “For 2017, United Healthcare, for the exact same policy, is quoting $1,808.34, and that is for three people versus two people on insurance,” he says.

Hamlet Clerk-Treasurer Kristina Pitts says the change won’t be too significant. “Some of the stuff does go up, as you can see. Office copay is five bucks more,” she says. “I mean, it’s all up a little bit more, but not enough to be terrible.”

The switch to United Healthcare will take effect in October.

During Wednesday’s meeting, council members also took a look at Hamlet’s 2017 budget. The town anticipates a revenue decrease of about $5,800 next year.

However, the town also expects an additional $20,000 in Economic Development Income Tax funds. The $35,696 the town received from Indiana’s special distribution of Local Option Income Tax money will also be included in 2017. Most of that money’s designated for local street projects.

Additionally, Pitts says she’s not recommending any raises for next year. A public hearing on the proposed budget will be held at the next council meeting, with adoption scheduled later next month.