Knox Fire Department Seeks Signage for Fire Stations

City of Knox logoThe fire stations in Knox may soon have some new signage identifying the locations.

During Wednesday night’s Knox Redevelopment Commission meeting, Fire Chief Kenny Pfost requested funding to purchase signs for the three buildings out of which the department works.

For Pfost, the fire stations are easily identified by Knox residents, but are difficult to locate for individuals living outside the community who may be visiting or in need of assistance. 

He says the department tries to take care of its buildings and equipment and believes the signage will improve the look of the stations. Pfost says he wants the signs to appear uniform on all three buildings once they’re installed.

Just under $12-thousand is expected to be spent on the purchase of the signs, although the final wording and look is still being finalized. During Wednesday night’s meeting, Steindler Signs & Graphix out of Wanatah was identified as the company likely to perform the work. 

Apart from the initial purchase price and installation, the Knox Fire Department also requested an additional $1,000 to run electric wiring to operate the sign.

The Knox Redevelopment Commission approved the request for funding, unanimously.