Knox Officials Still Researching Relaxed Tattoo Parlor Regulations

Tattoo artistKnox officials are still gathering information from other communities about how they regulate tattoo parlors before formally acting to relax their restrictions on such businesses in the downtown area. Councilman Tim Manns raised the issue last month and asked last night when it will be considered.

Mayor Dennis Estok says he’s contacted other cities and towns to obtain copies of their ordinances. He notes permit and enforcement options vary and says the city wants to make sure they understand the various regulatory options. Right now Estok says they’re not sure the best way to proceed.

The current Knox ordinance requires tattoo parlor operators to receive a permit from the city. It further states, “The location shall be at least 500 feet from any property used for school purposes, licensed day care center, church, public park, or a place licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages.”

State law prohibits tattoo artists from inking a person who is under the influence of alcohol.

Estok promised Manns the issue will be brought before the council for consideration but did not offer a timeline as to when.