Knox School Board Approves HVAC Repairs

Knox Community School Corporation logoThings got a bit warm in some areas of Knox High School, recently.

That’s why Knox School Board members on Monday agreed to use Rainy Day funds to update some of the HVAC units at the school building. The air conditioning units are reaching the end of their normal life, about 15 years, causing some interruptions in cooling at the building.

Knox Schools Superintendent A.J. Gappa says the staff noticed the warmth in certain areas of the high school.

“We have different zones and some of the units control different areas,” says Gappa. “If a unit happened to go out and not be able to be tripped back online for a while, those areas got hot. One of the areas was the main office.”

To help make the repairs, the school board opted to use up to $50-thousand to help pay for the new HVAC units on the roof of the building. The actual cost of the units is not known by the school corporation just yet.

J&K HVAC Services is being used to supply the new units, according to Gappa. Installers were using a crane earlier this week to place the devices on the roof of the high school. The units are expected to be online shortly.

The school board also approved a nutritionist contract for school lunches. Gappa says the nutritionist can train and in-service the school corporation’s food personnel.

“As far as making sure that they’re following the proper guidelines,” says Gappa. “Now they have to get a certificate in safe serve according to the laws so she is able to do that.”

The nutritionist can also ensure that Knox Schools are complying with USDA guidelines for meal quality.

The contract will be effective this fall and will continue. The service has previously been used by other school corporations in Northern Indiana.