LaPorte Authorities Think Fast, Neutralize Suicidal Subject


LaPorte County authorities were able to stop an individual from harming themselves during the overnight hours on Friday.

Officers responded to the area of Johnson Road and County Road 625 West around 12:40 a.m. for a person threatening suicide.

According to a report of the incident, the 24-year-old from the Fish Lake area, called 911 to notify them of the harm he intended against himself. Using a cell phone ping, deputies were able to locate the individual. He was armed with a box cutter according to the Sheriff’s Department, alternating the weapon between his neck and his wrist.

Investigators say the man allegedly asked officers to shoot him. LaPorte County authorities used a bean bag round instead to destabilize the individual. He dropped the box cutter following the impact of the ammunition to his left torso. Only minor injuries were sustained. 

The man was found to have consumed half a gallon of vodka, with a reported BAC of .21%.

He was transferred to St. Anthony’s Hospital for treatment and a mental health evaluation.