N.J.-S.P. Business Teacher Waiting on Emergency License Approval

BluejayThe North Judson-San Pierre School Board recently voted to recall a teacher from the reduction in force list approved in the spring. Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin says Chris Newbauer will cover a few different classroom needs created by the recent resignation of the business teacher.

Zupin is a former business teacher, and says it’s a dying field as far as the high school curriculum is concerned. She’s opted for what she calls a “hodgepodge of some math and some business together.” That combination is difficult to incorporate into a posting, according to Zupin, so they opted to recall Newbauer from the reduction in force list.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in business and is enrolled in the transition to teaching program at the University of St. Francis.

Zupin says Newbauer will teach four sections of high school business and one section of junior high exploratory business, all of which are electives. He will also be assigned one section of junior high learning center. That’s homework help, mainly in math and English. Eventually she says he will teach math after he obtains his license.

She says the job was not a fit for the other teacher who was let go through the reduction in force process, as that individual is licensed to teach special education.

Zupin says the Indiana Department of Education is in the final stages of processing Newbauer’s emergency license so he will be able to teach business classes this year. The University of St. Francis requires students in the transition to teaching program to have a mentor. Zupin says she will personally oversee Newbauer since she is a former business teacher.