NIPSCO Issues Reminder to Use 811 Before Summer Building Projects End

nipsco-logoNIPSCO is sending out one final reminder for those summer building and landscaping projects.

Before digging, NIPSCO says to call 811. It’s a free number that will allow Indiana residents an opportunity to schedule time for a professional to mark where the local gas lines reside underground.

According to NIPSCO, fencing and landscaping projects are the two top causes of damaged gas lines in the country. An underground utility is damaged every six minutes in the U.S. due to an individual digging blindly into the ground.

There is more to striking a gas line than an inconvenience. NIPSCO says it can cause serious harm to you or those around you, disrupt service to an entire community, and potentially cause fines of up to $10-thousand or more. The cost to repair the gas line is also applied to the responsible individual.

NIPSCO says by calling 811 two days before a digging project, plenty of hassle can be avoided.