Pulaski Clerk’s Office Requests Greater Security

Pulaski County CourthouseThe Pulaski County Clerk’s office is asking the county boards to consider some additional security.

A single panic button is installed inside the offices in the instance a belligerent taxpayer happens to enter the offices to handle business and is posing a threat to Pulaski County employees. Buttons are installed in several offices within Pulaski County, but the Clerk’s office believes they should be given some extra attention with the capability.

Clerk Christi Hoffa says they’re often dealing with emotional individuals.

“We deal with the same people that go to the prosecutor’s office, that go to the  probation office, that are upset that they have fees and fines that they have to pay and they come to us to pay those fees,” says Hoffa. “They don’t pay them at the prosecutor’s office, they don’t pay them at the probation office”

Given Pulaski County’s unwillingness to make further decisions regarding upgrades or renovations to the courthouse until newly elected officeholders have been seated, the Clerk’s office is putting in their request now.

Panic buttons are installed under front desks, or sometimes individual desks, and immediately contact Pulaski County dispatch for further assistance. Should a belligerent taxpayer need to be escorted from the courthouse, Sheriff’s deputies are able to provide assistance.

The problem for the Clerk’s office is the lack of multiple options should a situation arise where the panic button is needed. Hoffa says employees in the office have brought up security concerns. 

“I would just ask that something be done, be reconsidered when we get to the point of whatever we’re doing with the add-on, remodel,” says Hoffa.

The Auditor’s office may also begin posting signs stating that belligerent individuals will be asked to leave.

Hoffa was requested to take her concerns to the Pulaski County Council for additional consideration.