Starke County Residents Surpass 8,000 Miles in Get Moving Challenge

movingstarkeforwardMoving Starke County Forward’s summer walking challenge is entering its final weeks. As of last Friday, more than 8,300 miles have been logged by 143 participants, according to the organization.

Arlene Noble has taken the lead for most individual miles at over 467. James Skibbe falls to second place, with just under 400 miles. Julia Miller is now in third place, having logged 251 miles. The Toto Trekkers continue to lead the team category with 3,447 miles, while the Starke County Community Foundation Moon Walkers have moved ahead to second place, with 1,255 miles.

The theme for this year’s challenge is “Starke County Walks to the Moon.” It encourages residents to get moving by walking, running, biking, or taking part in another physical activity. Participants have the chance to win prizes when the challenge ends later this month.

Moving Starke County Forward was formed in 2012 to improve the health of local residents. The county has consistently ranked near the bottom in state health rankings.

For more information, visit Moving Starke County Forward’s Facebook page.