1st Source Bank Warns Customers of ATM Skimming

 1st Source Bank has issued a response after skimming devices were found on some of its ATMs. They’re designed to look like a regular card slot, but allow thieves to capture credit or bank card information. Earlier this month, Plymouth Police said they located a skimmer on a 1st Source ATM in the city.

1st Source says it’s inspecting its ATMs and keeping an eye on all card activity. Bank officials say that customers are protected from any financial loss resulting from the fraud caused by the devices. They add that impact to customers has been “very minimal” so far and they expect it to remain that way.

However, 1st Source encourages its customers to be on the lookout for skimming devices. Before using an ATM, check to see if the card slot looks out of place from the rest of the machine. Make sure the card reader is firmly attached to the machine and that it doesn’t move when you try to jiggle it. Look out for hidden cameras or keypad overlays that could be used to capture your PIN, and cover your hand when entering the number. 1st Source Bank also notes that thieves are more likely to place skimmers on ATMs during weekends.

Anyone who suspects that a skimming device has been placed on an ATM is asked to notify police. 1st Source asks its customers to monitor their accounts daily and report any suspicious transactions at 574-235-2000.