BMV Continues Overcharge Refund Efforts


The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is making progress when it comes to refunding Hoosiers they’ve overcharged.

BMV Commissioner Kent Abernathy says more than 5-million Indiana residents who overpaid to the department have been compensated for the oversight. That constitutes about $28-million paid out to those who were affected by the process.

Customers who were overcharged will see their accounts credited for their next transaction, or they can request a check from the department, according to information provided by the BMV.

According to information provided by the BMV, the overcharges and underchanges came after a restructuring of fees that was a collaboration between state legislators and the organization itself.

In the release, the BMV chastised attorneys representing the plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit against the BMV for requesting that 1/3rd of the refunds given to customers be taken back and set aside as compensation for the lawyers representing taxpayers in the case.